Campervan Rent in Estonia

All of our vans include everything that's needed for enjoying a vanlife trip - kitchen, double beds, sink, pots-pans etc.

Windy Light is our most affordable van. Fits comfortably two people.

Windy Storm is built on Ford Transit and is a bit bigger than Windy Light. Double bed. 

Windy Forest is made for offroad! Muddy forests and sandy beaches are waiting! With this van take into consideration, that the bed is up on the roof - in a rooftent (that is easily set up)!

Windy Wave is our biggest van - fits 4 people! Of course everything needed is inside - kitchen, sink, room for your luggage.

If you are not sure which van should you choose - contact us and we will find your dream van! 

Use the app "Park4Night" to find camp sites in Estonia. This app is not very popular in Estonia yet, but you can still find awesome places and valuable information from there. Mobile app "RMK Loodusega koos" can also help. You can always ask Madis and Roosi - they know beautiful secret places. ;) Both of our vans have a guide book which include route suggestions. 

Rental price includes mandatory third-party liability insurance. Don't worry! If something seems off on the road - give us a call. For better protection and peace of mind we encourage you to select additional insurance, which can be selected when booking. 

Our vans are pet-friendly! 

You can fill up water home or at Circle K/Olerex gas stations, most of the stations have a water tap and also a drainage. 

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Write a message or give us a call. We'll answer you as soon as possible!