Windy Van Team

Our story

Our team is connected by the love for kitesurfing. Madis and Andreas are the co-owners of No Work Surf Club and Surfikaubamaja watersports shop. 

Vanlife has always been a topic close to our hearts - Madis and his girlfriend Roosi are living in a van full time. Kitesurfing is one of the reasons why vanlife is becoming more popular in Estonia! 

With Windy Van we want to give you the opportunity to experience real, true life. Enjoy the nature and find yourself. The feeling of freedom is hard to put into words - you just have to experience it. 

Windy Team member Andreas
Windy Team member Madis
Our team enjoys simple life!
Home for Madis and Roosi - a self-built van

Warning! Vanlife is very addictive!

We want to connect with you!

Tallinn, Estonia